21 Things I Learned by the Time I Turned 21

November 5, 2018smilingwithsarah

1) You don’t owe anyone anything

2) It’s okay to cry

3) Being selfish doesn’t have to be a bad thing

4) You don’t need anyone’s approval

5) Alone time is extremely important

6) Kindness will get you a lot farther than anger

7) There’s no such thing as “normal”

8) You don’t always have to say yes

9) Mistakes are healthy

10) You will get hurt, probably more than once and probably by people you never would’ve thought of

11) Speaking your mind is better than sitting in silence

12) Not everyone is going to like you

13)You can’t give another person your all if you can’t love yourself first

14)Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body

15) Hard work really does pay off

16) You will find love in so many people and places

17) Making decisions are tough and you’ll most likely make a lot of wrong ones along the way

18) Comparing yourself to others is one of the most toxic habits

19) Fitting in is overrated

20) Challenging yourself is tough but so worth it in the end

21) Listen to your heart…it knows the way




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