3 Tips For a Healthy Relationship

January 16, 2019smilingwithsarah

For those of you who don’t know me, I love love. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. Always thought I lived in a fantasy world. Always dreamed of Ryan Gosling building me a white house with blue shudders. So yeah, I guess you could say that I’m the type of girl to marathon every rom-com known to man while indulging a nice big bowl of chocolate ice cream.

But seriously, as much as relationships are about romance and all the lovey-dovey stuff that goes along with it, there’s so much more that goes into building a healthy relationship. Long story short, I’ve been with my boyfriend since we were sixteen, over four years. I know to some people that doesn’t seem like a long time, but personally, I don’t measure what a good relationship is by how long people have been together. As long as they are both happy and respect each other, that is what matters.

I can definitely say that I’ve learned A LOT from being with someone from the time I was a young teenager to a young adult. I can also say that it hasn’t all been butterflies and rainbows because that’s totally not realistic. People change as they grow up – their personalities, their priorities, their likes and dislikes. But that’s what growing up means. Trying new things to figure out the person you’re meant to be. And even then, when you get to a point where you think you have it all figured out, life surprises you because you are never done changing. We are constantly evolving into better (and older) versions of ourself. The only difficult part of that is keeping up with your partner. Since you’re both changing at the same time, you need to make sure that you’re on the same page. I know from my own relationship that this happens, but if you really love each other and trust that your relationship is meant to be, you will get past any challenges that come your way.

When people hear that we’ve been together for four years, they always ask me how we’ve stayed together. There are many ways we keep our relationship alive but I’m going to share three tips that I believe work wonderfully in creating and maintaining a healthy relationship…

1. Communication

All types of relationships are based off of communicating with each other. If there isn’t communication, there wouldn’t really be a relationship, right? It’s essential in a partnership to talk about everything. The things you like about your relationship, the things you want to work on, where you see yourself in 5 years, what you want to get out of it, how much money to spend on gifts, whether you buy gifts at all. The communication never stops. Even when you’re not talking, you’re still communicating. You know that look they give you when all you’ve done is watch Say Yes To The Dress…yup, that’s communication. So if I can tell you one thing, talk to your partner and be open and honest with them. Nothing good ever came from ignoring each other.

2. Don’t go to bed angry

This is one that we live by! There is absolutely no good in going to sleep angry with your partner then waking up to find an argument put on pause. It is so much better to talk through the problem and resolve things so you can sleep in peace. Trust me, this can be a hard one especially if you’re like me and you LOVE your sleep. But truthfully, I love a happy relationship more than I like sleeping. So next time an argument creeps up on you, try your hardest to resolve it before the day is over. I’m telling you, you will feel so much better in the morning knowing that you’ve worked things out (cue high school musical 2 soundtrack)

3. Trust each other

This can definitely be a hard one especially in the day and age we live in with social media. I know it can be super daunting when your boyfriend likes a picture of another girl, but to tell you the truth, he probably didn’t even realize he did it. We need to stop placing blame for every little thing and learn how to have faith in our partners. Jealousy is a natural thing, it happens to everyone, but if there is a strong sense of mutual trust, you shouldn’t have any problems. If they know how lucky they are to have you, they won’t dare try anything to test your trust.

So those are just three of many key ways to build a healthy relationship.  I hope you can integrate them into your relationship, either now or in the future, because I’m telling you, they will make things so much easier.



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