Elon Novac Review

June 19, 2019smilingwithsarah

Sooo this post comes a wee bit late as my collaboration with Elon Novac actually happened back in December, but better late than never right?  If you want to know my honest review of my experience with Elon Novac, then just keep on reading.

Let’s start at the beginning.  I posted a picture on Instagram (like any other day) and received a comment from a representative from the watch company Elon Novac.  I had never heard of Elon Novac so I decided to do some research before agreeing to anything.  Once I found out that they were a legit company and had many great reviews, I decided to go for it.  This was extremely exciting considering I was still pretty new to blogging and I was already getting exposure.  The main selling point for me was that the company was Canadian based and had a great message.  Their initiative states that for every 100 watches sold, Elon Novac will pledge to support a child in a developing country by providing them with education.

I decided to go for it and message the representative back.  I was happy to hear that they were going to give me an excellent discount for myself and to share with my followers.  As soon as we got everything set up, I hurried over to the website and started browsing through the watches.  There were so many beautiful pieces that I wanted to get all of them.  After looking through the different styles, I settled on the AUBREY rose gold watch.  Their pieces are simple, yet so elegant.  

I placed my order on November 23rd, 2018 and anxiously awaited it’s arrival.  When my package arrived on December 6th, 2018 I was super excited.  I was delighted to find my watch in a simple slim sliding case with an attached business card.  The watch was even more beautiful in person.  I loved how understated but classy the watch looked when I put it on.  It fit comfortably and had a gorgeous, bright, clean face.  

I loved the whole collaboration experience and sincerely recommend these watches to anyone who’s looking for a classy new timepiece.  One of the only setbacks of the company is that the watches are more on the expensive side.  Fortunately for you, Elon Novac was kind enough to give me a referral code, which you can use to save 20% on your purchase.  Simply click on this link and use code SMILING20 at the checkout.

I’m proud to work with Elon Novac and sincerely stand behind their message and quality of watches.  Please don’t hesitate to use my code and let me know if you make any purchases.

A Little Bit About Elon Novac

Elon Novac is a Canadian watch company that creates sophisticated female, male and unisex watches.  Made with vegan leather, these watches are environmentally and animal friendly.  Elon Novac’s initiative states that for every 100 watches sold, the company will pledge to support a child in poverty.  Check out more about Elon Novac at www.elonnovac.com

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