Simple Random Moments of Happiness

January 16, 2019smilingwithsarah

Is it just me or do you feel like we’re surrounded by bad news and unhappy thoughts waaaay more than we should be. Life has so much to offer, yet we’re always forced to focus on the bad things. Think about it. You turn on the news while you’re eating breakfast and how many horrifying headlines fly across the screen. The answer? Too many. As sad as it is that we may not be able to turn the whole world into a giant puddle of sparkles and happiness, we can definitely focus on the good things and take the time to appreciate that the world IS full of good people and happy news…we may just need to look for it a little bit.

With that said, I’ve listed a whole bunch of simple random moments that ignite a little spark of happiness in me and hopefully, in you too.

1. When the crowd sings together at a concert

2. Holding the door for someone, then they run to get the next one for you

3. Starting conversations with random people in line

4. When a picture turns out really well when you weren’t trying

5. Knowing you’re in the same place as a friend so you look around for them, then you actually find them and get excited, even though you never physically interact with them

6. Waking up before your alarm

7. Finishing a really good book or movie, then staring into space for a couple minutes in awe

8. Decorating for your favourite season

9. Someone saying they thought of you

10. Realizing you have the same birthday/birthday month/zodiac sign as someone

11. Spilling something and having others help you clean it up

12. Being able to rub your face because you’re not wearing any makeup

13. When you’re starving and you see your waiter coming with your food

14. Cleaning your room

15. Being told “I love you” by anyone

16. Realizing you have enough points to get something for free

17. Getting into bed with freshly shaven legs

18. Falling in love with a song and listening to it on repeat

19. Giggling uncontrollably at a time you shouldn’t be laughing

20. When someone texts you right when you were going to text them

21. When you and another person say the same thing at the exact same time

22. Reminiscing about a really good time

23. First hugs and kisses

24. Someone telling you that you’re good at what you love

25. Taking out your contact lenses after a long day

26. Watching a movie from your childhood and finally understanding the jokes that went over your head

27. Going back to your elementary or high school

28. Winning a board game

29. Hearing babies laugh

30. Singing along to musicals

31. Having everything fit in your suitcase perfectly

32. Seeing the people you love genuinely happy

33. Getting all the words right in a song

34. Playing with puppies

35. Going to a place where a movie was filmed, then pretending that you’re the main characters from that movie

36. Driving by horses and saying “horses!!”

37. Getting to the cash and being told the item was on sale

38. Listening to music on repeat the day after the concert

39. Dancing around your house when no one is home

40. Doing well on a test or assignment that you thought you were going to fail

41. Seeing your favourite cast come together for a reunion

42. The countdown on New Year’s Eve

43. Donating clothes

44. Smelling something that reminds you of your childhood

45. Standing up for what you believe in and having others agree

46. Listening to inspirational music and feeling like you can do anything

47. Running into someone you haven’t seen in a while and they tell you that you look amazing

48. Finding jeans that fit perfectly

49. Watching fireworks

50. The first swim of summer

51. Hearing the leaves crunch under your shoes

52. Feeling like you’ve known someone forever even if you just met them

53. Baking on cold, rainy days

54. Making it into a store right before they close

55. Being happy for no reason

This list could literally go on forever because the world is full of amazing, tiny, happy moments. I want you to take this as a reminder that even on the darkest and saddest days, happiness still exists, you just need to find it.




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